Friday, 20 September 2013

Born again Rider

Back on a Bike.

Most ppl have notice by now that I have resigned from CGI as per 31July and I am now operating as PDVBV s.p.r.l. (a belgium limited company). Life is much better without the employer!

Because I had to hand in the company-car, I am currently running around on a borrowed Suzuki Bandit N600 (Thx to Iwan @ BrightDBA). Hence this blog, with piccies.

After riding a small but nimble scooter on Penang for a few months (link to old picture), I just had to take up Riding two wheels at home again. In the last months, I have rented several bikes to get my routine back (and to get rid of my tropical-traffic-jam-dodging habits from Penang).

Here are some pictures of my rides this year.
(with a bit of luck, I get to cross the Stelvio next year, possibly visit SIOUG and HROUG by Motorbike sometime?)

First weekend on a rental: a Suzuki Savage. 1-Cylinder Thumper. Great.

2nd weekend on a rental: Suzuki Desperado. Still looking very cool:

Then 3 weekends on a Transalp: Practical and Fun. Weather got better and I got my Bike-riding routines back, I did a sevearl 1000+ KM weekends with this bike.

Then Iwan-BrightDBA (who had succeeded me in Penang, and had also ridden a bike there) lend me his Bandit. I have now done 8000 km on the Bandit (including 1 large routine maintenance), and every km on the bike is still pure joy.

Rode this bike through a Thunderstorm on Moerdijkbrug, through gusting winds on A58, N59 (stormvloedkering, dammenweg) and over Zeelandbrug, had lots of wind and rain.
Being from that area, I actually like a good wind!

Mr AK will not leave Apeldoorn-area, so I had to ride 120km out and back through rain to have a meal with him - not a problem for a Bandit and a rider in good outfit.

And I still think the bike is better then a cage.

I Also regularly go fetch (cheaper)fuel in Luxembourg, which is only an hr ride from were I live (over some classic winding roads!).

Winter, snow and salt, will stop me though, and I'll have to put her in a garage when family + weather force me back in a cage.

But I'm looking forward to next spring.

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