Sunday, 3 August 2014

few more maps and pics

final writeups : I need a place to put maps and pics..

First two more dash-snaps (Dashies ? )
For those who wanted to know the fuel consumption of the BMW again: a tank of 252.7 km, with an average speed of 138 (due to roadworks, the actual cruising speed was 180-200 wherever possible).

Fuel consumption is actually still quite reasonable a 6.2 l /100km
(or 38MPG, or  1:16, or 16km from 1 Liter, for the dutch).

Under normal dutch circumstances, and sticking to speedlimits: 1:20 (5L/100km) is well within reach (50MPG is quite possible!), but avg speed will be closer half of 138 on the Autobahn, count on  60km/h in NL - if the traffic allows for lane-splitting and filtering.

Speed limits: It will take twice the time to get anywhere, but at least you have the fun of Riding a Motorbike!

Final, Fast leg of journey; the Slovenia Vignette is already giving in..

The final leg of the journey:

And this: you cannot use the credits from the 2-de-loo, machine broken:

needed this for MF-petfles-game... 

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