Friday, 28 February 2014

F800ST All mine!

Yess! She's mine.

PDVBV just bought itself professional transportation.
In between a day filled with work, paperwork, 100+km kids-taxi, and just plain busy stuff, I managed to collect the latest addition to my Inventory. And this one is Special.

The good old Bandit (600N, 1995) was Good, and I will remember it fondly, but This is better: A BMW F800ST with Givi panniers and topcase and a load of electronics.

At 200kg on the road an F800ST is just as Nimble in city and trafficjams (the panniers come off easily), but it has 83hp (20hp more) and three huge transportation devices.

Here is the piccie:

And this is the backside: look at those curves...

Today I only manged to do 65km but it was sheer joy! Quick, Nimble, Powerful, Solid.
And I'm even getting used to the BMW-style indicators (which twisted mind...)

Tomorrow, if time and weather permit, I will try to ride both the Bandit and the ST on the same roads.

Update 10Mar2014.
Dinner with Pascal Prins at Gaucho's, but couldnt resist taking the picture next door:

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