Friday, 11 April 2014

Traval plans coming soon

Some of you already know: I have some silly travel project for May and June.

It involves a really long Motorcycle trip and visiting 3 Oracle Usergroups.
SrOUG, OUGF, and BgOUG... in that order.

Kinda afraid to even publish the  map, because I must be totally mad. But plot, re-plot, and re-measured it. It should be possible, even with adverse weather and bad roads.

Long daylight hours: so possibility to ride early and late, and take plenty of break-time during each day.
Have tried the bike and found I can sit on it for multiple days if I take regular short breaks. No back, neck, arm, or other muscles protesting.

Rain-gear? OK.
Navi? I feel confident I can just follow main roads and city-names. But for the final-10km, or to easily find certain destinations, a Navi may be a nice time-saver. Still looking.
Ferry-crossing: ticket recieved, this  means I am committed!

And why?

Well, because I can.

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