Monday, 20 October 2014

Maps and routes of October road trip

Maps (part 2) from Trip to SIOUG and HrOUG.

This post will hold the maps of the return-trip and a collection of pictures for linking.

The trip from Lubljana to Rovinj was un-eventful except maybe for a chance-meeting with two other speakers when I overtook them (they spotted me), and when I then stopped to take a picture and this car with two strangers stopped next to me.. "Hi! It had to be you on the bike, and taking pictures like that".

I did the trip to Rovinj one day earlier and with no detours to go in front of the expected bad weather and that turned out to be the right decision: it rained a lot the next days.

The return trip from Rovinj to home was more of a tourist-ride. Here are the maps.

18Oct: over plockenpass
(I had forgotten to switch on google-tracks, so first part is missing, but Autostradas from Rovinj to Koper and from Trieste to Telmezzo are not that interesting anyway)

The details of the nicest parts:

Then on 19Oct, first straight West with lots of road-works between Stuttgart and Karlsruhe. Then a bit of touristing between Karlsruhe and Pirmasens, and a detour to Luxembourg to save 2 euros on fuel (with another bad detour for road-works). The final ride to visit Spa was nice as always, but quite busy on Sunday afternoon.
The part from Spa to The Hague is unrecorded, but was annoying because of... roadworks, accidents and detours.

Overview of 19Oct

Detail for Pirmasens

Details for Belgium (the road via Burg Reuland was closed, hence the funny drop-down.

next, I'll put up some pictures.

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