Sunday, 12 October 2014

trip to SIOUG

The trip to Sioug was uneventful, but very nice.

First day, Friday, was used for some catch-up in the ardennes, and since the weather was good, I rode the bike till dark and ended up near Kaiserslautern.

Second day: Made good time (speed) in the morning crossing Germany (took the road with the least Baustelle) and got to Austria by lunchtime. Immediately into Austria, I went off the boooring Autobahn. Then I spotted a lot of other motorcycles and decided to see where they came from. I had time and I didnt care as long as I could more or less follow my plans and end up near Villach for the night.

Afterwards, I discovered that the adhoc detour had taken me close to Gross Glockner: I could have gone over it... But my plan included St Johan, Radstad, Tamsweg, and when I saw an arrow "St Johan", I followed it.

No problems: the Unter- and Obertaurn, followed by Tamsweg and the Thuracher hohe were Worth the trip. Good Riding.

Ended up in Villach in the last daylight, where the wifi at mcdonalds was not sufficiently reliable to find a hotel or Gasthaus. I rode into some villages and found one anyway.

Note: google-tracks crashed on a dead-battery-phone and never recovered the route. I used google-maps to re-draw my routes.

Third day: on a tip from, I took roads 85, 82 and 210 to enter Slovenia. Beautiful!
I crossed the mountains at 10:00 on Sunday morning, and when I came down into Slovenia I could already see it would become quite busy with Sunday-motorcycle riders (polished bikes, shiny outfits, undisciplined-group-riding... )

Since I was early, I wanted to take a detour around Ziri for more nice roads. But a set of dark clouds moving in over mountains in the west made me return to Lubljana for my hotel. In the end, it didnt rain, but when I got to the hotel in the early afternoon I fell asleep after a quick shower. Tired but Happy.

This is the reason I do the job: To allow me to ride my motorcycle...

Work to Live,

Live to Ride, 

and then Ride to work...

Here are the routes.

First two days: just go.

Details of detour in Austria, see how close I got to Gross Glockner ?

Third day: scenic routes to Lubljana.

and the detail: how to cross into Slovenia...

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