Saturday, 16 May 2015

Next trip plan to Plovdiv

OK, time to publish the plans...

Simple version: I want to visit events in Zlatibor and Plovdiv. In Simplest way, it would mean riding approx This map 

Of course I will also need to work (remotely) during the trip so I have planned a "base" in Zemun (Wifi, good coffee, Friends)

But if time permits I want to ride around a bit... I can dream...

Currently in the stages of preparing.

I'm also researching how to keep track of myself, I  want to :
 - Log and publish route-maps easy + quick (Ramblr)
 - post pictures easily (from phone), but not necessarily via FB.
 - write memories, mostly for my own, but shareable if I want to show someone (This Blog, possiblly also use ADV rider ? )

I'll keep you posted.

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