Thursday, 14 May 2015

trip equipment and outfit

What if I just use the old outfit for the long trip this summer ?

The old outfit looks much more serious and experienced.

You see ... I got this Perfect new jacket + pants.

And I'm very happy with them: the new combi is tailor-made by Damen of Breda who supply similar equipment to police and military. The clothes are very comfortable and practical. I  like it!

But it is also very _NEW_ and _Shiny_.
I feel awkward with the super-clean-modern clothes..

Now, I just want to go places, see things and meet people (and taste food, drink coffee).
Here is a hobo trying to run around Europe.

Maybe that is better done using the "experienced" outfit ?

My motorcycle is actually an old-ish, dusty, lightweight, F800ST. It has many scratches on the side-panniers and sometimes a cloud of flies on the windscreen (although I try to clean windscreen and visor every tank-stop).

The old jacket is a scratched Clover.
It looked old-ish, with raffles, worn-velcro-flaps, and deformed pockets.
With that jacket, I mostly wear a Motorcycle-Jeans (with padding and Kevlar lining).
The old outfit was not shiny, but it showed Serious Experience, and didnt look particularly affluent.

The new suit just shouts out: Rich-Guy on Holiday.


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