Monday, 16 June 2014

collection of routes

Here is the collection of map-prints.

My biggest blunder: losing the Nexus7 somewhere on Transfagarasan. That made me lose my track of that day. The phone is now doing the tracking, but phone-battery is limited.

Detail of Slovenia: Great little ride: 

The truly boring part: Through Croatia... 
(Croatia has much more interesting routes.. I have to return sometime)

First try on 2-lane roads: taking the slow route to Arandjelovac:

(Forgot to record: route from Belgrade to Poland)

Then on to BBQ near Warsaw:

And on to Augustow

Forgot to record the morning, but here is part of Via Baltica to Riga:

And the return from Talinn to Bialyostok, 
in a hurry to gain time for Romania. 
I was lucky: Brilliant weather.

And another day of "rush" to gain time, again, excellent weather conditions made this possible:

Forgot to record the morning but this is the afternoon: labouring over Transalpina, including an hour lost going west: the south-part of the Transalpina was supposedly closed, but some of us did it anyway:


And the next day: the biggie... 

The Bulgaria: details of the route from Ruse to Plovdiv: Really Relaxed and lovely mountain ride:

From Plovdiv to Sandanski: ditto, lovely ride.

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