Tuesday, 3 June 2014

via baltica pictures and more

Here are some pictures of via Baltica, the road from Waschaw to Tallinn.

Road is mostly 2-lane, wide lanes and of good quality.

the part up to Kaunas was full of trucks, after Riga it was quiet, and I made Excellent Timing.
Way too dangerous, these empty roads.
Dangerous but efficient.

40Tonners are not a problem : They know what they are doing. Caravans and convoys of HOG-riders are more risky though. I hope the ride back on Saturday will be just as empty.

Also: first pic of the Baltic sea: I could smell the sea and hear the seagulls during breaks, but it wasnt easy to take a picture of the bike and the sea. Finally got one...

The Baltic, finally a picture.

This is what Via Baltica looked like...

Proof I was there: some Motorcycle-Selfies in Tallinn.

 If I remember well: the oldest stones in Tallinn (and proof I was there)

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