Monday, 16 June 2014

few more pictures

various pictures wanted for reasons of links or stories.

Brendan: eaten by mosquitos. Brave man.

Ferry to Talinn: Friendly Lady-Biker (vice-pres of some female-HOG group)

Found this polished bike in the parking of my hotel, Rags and all..

And return at the hotel.. Locked in:
Remember: dont put the bike on the centre stand unless you have to (but in this case the ground wasnt flat, and the centre stand was the better option). 
Luckily, the other car (plate takenb) is a hotel guest (hm..), so reception will inform him to please fw half a meter... )
nb: This confirms it again: BEEMER-DRIVERS - TO BE AVOIDED!

And the outcome... After I laboured the bike 90 Degr on an non-flat surface.. 

I plan to show how I clean the visor of insects at each Fill-Up (soak visor for 5min with wet-paper, then clean carefully and wipe dry). But I forget to complete the fotos of the job. Too much to do and too much craving for Cofee.

View from the room, last night on the road.

This stood in the entrance to the Gasthaus / restaurant. Unbreakable anyone ?
The fuel consumption on the last sprint from Frankfurt to Wittlich... 6.2L/100
 not bad for avg speed of 138km/h.. 

And the "vignettes", they tend to come off if you go too fast.. hehehe.

And this guy, who offered to look after the bike in Plovdiv..

And what a hand looks like after a few weeks on a bike:

Riding game 23jul

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